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cycling in Balian beach

Balian Beach Explore and Activities

Balian Beach located in Tabanan district, Lalanglinggah Villge and it’s about 59km from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). How you can get there? You can arrange your own transport, airport taxi, charter, rent a car or even scooter if you experienced with that two wheels.

Balian Beach was named after the Balian river which runs into the ocean at the focal point of the beach. This is also where the famous Balian surf break is situated. Well known as a left hand break it also has a very good right off the pyramid peaks on the west side of the river. At mid tide there is also a racy right on the east side of the river. The beach is volcanic black sand and has become a popular destination for students of yoga as it has a peaceful and friendly feel. The village locals are warm and welcoming and will always give you a wave and a smile.

Get around the beach especially at low tide is a wonderful walk as is the surrounding area. If you wish to go further afield you can hire a scooter or bicycle. The sunset at Balian Beach can be spectacular and the colors range from brilliant displays of yellows and red through to the softer hues of purples and mauve. Secret Bay is a quiet and serene place 10 minutes walk from the heart of the beach or a couple of minutes scooter ride. Surrounded by rolling hills and cliffs the panoramic view both west and east from the lookout is quite wonderful.

The beach is split by the river and to the west is blocked by a majestic cliff covered in falling green vines. To the east you can cross the river at low tide and walk for longer along the pebble and shell covered sands before again it becomes blocked by a rocky outcrop. 10 minutes drive east to Srijong Temple and you will discover at low tide the famous bat cave where thousands of bats reside during the day before they venture out as the sunsets to feed in an amazing display of flying mayhem.

What activities you can do around?

The best is Surfing: Balian Beach is known as one of Bali’s main surf magnets rarely ever without swell it is the go to spot when all else is flat. The quite safe round stone bottom can be surfed on low or high tide but is best on the incoming mid to high tides.

Great place for Yoga: The village has become a popular destination for yoga since the expansion and commercialization of Ubud. The peaceful and quiet nature of the village an ideal destination for meditation and yoga enthusiast.

Balian Fun Activities: Balian Fun Activities is an individual cycling through the beatiful natural atmosphere of Balian with views of mountains, rice fields, valleys, rivers, crossing peaceful and rural road and the unique ride that we can see closer the people activities, make interaction also see closer that you can’t see at other place around the world within 12km cycling route.